Monday, December 3, 2018


I struggled doing my background and thinking of 5 things to show why we shouldn't have halloween 
hope you enjoy !😊😁😀

Thursday, November 29, 2018

chipp poster

Chipp our 5 reasons why our animals are getting hurt and endangered .c stands for climate change as you can see and h for habitat loss, I for introduced pests p for pollution p,poaching 😢
It challenged me finding my photos and make my background because there was so much photos explaining poaching pollution climate change habitat loss and introduced pests which is really sad😥 
always remember C.H.I.P.P. hope you enjoy 😊😁😁

te reo animation

W.A.L.T for the past terms we have been learning how to speak maori and how to do animations  
it was really fun speaking a different language  
it was hard finding people and accessories that i could use and try to put it in a sentence.

Friday, November 23, 2018

telling time

WALT be able to tell time in our maths ninja group because some of us struggle trying to tell time⌚ I struggled doing the lines in between the minutes. hope you enjoy 😊😁😀^m^

Monday, November 5, 2018

te kauru camp 2018- writing 2nd draft

Butterflies fluttering in my stomach,engine started here we go!Down and up breathing hard to hard i'm running out of breath ahhh we dropped, faster and faster dropped again it feels like i'm going to pee,oh no were upside down flipping and flipping i see whaea deb on the invader. I heard wicked screaming ahh it hurts my ears please stop ,phew were done wait noo! were going again but this time it wasnt so bad. Enjoy the ride finally we finished on the rollercoaster i'm dizzy i think i'm going to fall luckily i didn't. Time for family karts yay! i'm the height to drive wop wop manniah-jae if want you can come with me? ’’kyla i really don't trust her’’ you can go with rhaven? when i hopped in the kart i looked around me and seen all my friends and my mum, the rules are No bumping into each other,No over taking if you don't follow the rules they will tell you get out and he said remember only two rides around the course enjoy.As i was driving by myself my kart stopped and so they fixed it. My mum said i'm a better driver than my dad,And we all giggled that was so amazing because we haven't been since 8 years.
oh no here we go
here i go im coming after you.
ok i was wrong i love going on the rollercoaster

Thursday, August 16, 2018

science road show

HI im Brylee on the eighth of August my class and another, went to a science roadshow at abundant life school. I wish to see more things my favorite was the hot and cold one that they experimented on. They used a liquid on a fire and it blew so high I thought that it would of been a fail but it wasn't which saved me from thinking that,they also experimented on the living life thing I forgot but the gross three things is that they  showed fake poop twice one was small and the other one there was heaps the third one is they showed pee in containers. We got to go and play on some stuff, there was a chair where you had to hold two heavy things and if you wanted to slow down then you had to, pull it near your chest  if you wanted to go fast you had to pull it out.I thought that I was going to hurt some people that was there and then i got off and i thought that there was a earthquake witch it wasn't it was my dizziness what i could do better is try get a staple on my card i hope you have a good day today thank you for listening to  my day.